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Broker QBits Mega Profit System
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Overall Score 8.9/10

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QBITS MegaProfit System is the newest and most innovative binary options robot, that already is a cause of discussions among traders and financial experts. But is it a legitimate trading system or a scam to avoid? Why shall a trader entrust his funds into this automatic trading software? These, and some other questions we will try to respond in the QBITS MegaProfit Review.

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Review Verdict: QBITS MegaProfit is NOT a Scam

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QBITS MegaProfit is an advanced trading system, which analyses huge volumes of data and performs trading based on the analysis results. As any trading system, this system is a risky venture, but trading results aren’t guaranteed, doesn’t matter which trading system you use. The success ration of QBITS MegaProfit is high in comparison with similar trading systems. The system is a web-based one. It means, that you don’t need to download a software for trading. Thus, you are not attached to a particular device. If you have internet connection, you can earn. Though, even this is not crucial, as QBITS MegaProfit places trades even if you are offline.

This system is an ideal solution for beginners, as it does all automatically. It is also very good for those who have extensive experience in trading, if we mention customization of QBITS MegaProfit. There, you can set up all: expiration time, invested sum per trade, etc., which is good for those who understand how and why they can do it.

Is QBITS MegaProfit Legit or Scam?

Before making any conclusion, let us check the main features of the QBITS MegaProfit Auto Trading Software. The first thing that a user can see, is the website of the trading system. And we shall say, it looks really great, the interface is very simple to use and and you find the most necessary information about the system, the main services and the feedback. In the same page, there is available a form to start trading with QBITS MegaProfit.

Review Verdict: QBITS MegaProfit is NOT a Scam

Visit QBITS MegaProfit Website

Even a complete beginner will not get lost. Just follow the instructions – and you can become a successful trader with QBITS MegaProfit. The system has a license and it is secured by SSL. Traders have provided a positive feedback and this is why we came to the conclusion that QBITS is a legit and trustworthy system for trading and profiting at the binary options market.

Minimum Deposit at QBITS MegaProfit

Traders can get access to the software online and for free. All you have to do is to open a trading account and to fund it. The minimal sum of the first deposit is 500 USD. After that, you link QBITS MegaProfit with your account, and relax. QBITS MegaProfit will do all for you. Moreover, you may get a welcoming bonus in the sum of 250USD, so, the initial funding of your trading account will be not 500, but 250 USD.

How Does QBITS Work?

QBITS MegaProfit works in automatic mode. It means, that it collects the relevant data, performs its analysis, makes trading decisions based on

the results. What does a trader do? He only sets up the trading system according to what he expects, and then, he can spend his time for what he wants, QBITS MegaProfit will trade automatically. This trading system is perfect for those who do not like to sit and wait till a good opportunity comes. Also, it is very good for beginners, who haven’t learned much about trading process. It is very easy to get started with QBITS MegaProfit. The website is designed in such intuitive way, that it makes all for you.

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  • FREE Sign Up – All what you have to do is to click the mouse – step by step, as described in the website. There, in the website, you can open an account with a recommended broker, fund it and link QBITS MegaProfit with your account. Here, your actions are over.
  • Trade & Profit – Now, it is time for QBITS to show, of what it is capable. Let it work for you and make profit. You will be back, when you need to withdraw the money, that QBITS made.

Pros & Cons


  • Performance Proven Robot
  • Reduces Time for Analysis
  • Wide Range of Tradable Assets
  • 100% Web Based



  • Must Have a PC, Smartphone or Tablet
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