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If you have come across the tagline “design your own destiny”, you have probably come across the binary options robot Millionaire Blueprint. It is a binary options automated robot, which helps you trade by providing you free trading signals and analysis of the market; and then places trades on your behalf. So you do not have to know how the binary options market works and you can still earn from this system on autopilot. Unlike other robots, it is 100% automated and you don’t need to worry yourself with the functioning because it can take care of placing trades.


Review Verdict: Millionaire Blueprint is NOT a Scam

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Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam or Not?

In the binary options world, nothing is set in stone. There may have been an algorithm which was working previously, but as technology is enhancing, new and better systems are released in the market to provide more accurate results.

The maker of the system, Walter Green, claims that he has been able to identify a key element in the algorithms which has helped made this software even more accurate. This is probably why more and more traders are switching to this binary robot now. It claims to give you 82% accurate results on an average and according to most claims it delivers. As of now there has been no indication of this robot being a scam.

Minimum Deposit at Millionaire Blueprint

There are many binary robots which charge you a monthly fee for using them. Sadly, they turn out to be scams or just not working – resulting in the traders’ loss. In Millionaire Blueprint, you will not have to pay any extra fees to use their services. This means that there are absolutely no hidden costs for using this robot. However, as a binary trader you must know that for trading through this robot, you will have to open an account with $250 with their affiliate broker. This is when you will start earning the profits.millionaire blueprint banner

How Does Millionaire Blueprint Work?

Millionaire Blueprint helps traders make profit on their trades. It also helps traders earn passively by working on auto pilot. Millionaire Blueprint works the same way – with an algorithm that tries to make the trades much more predictable. This trading software employs advanced codes which is better at analyzing the market, similarly to how an experienced would.

Each time this binary options robot places a trade and it is successful, the trader earns a profit. All this is done completely automatically. So you can just sit behind your desk and watch those figures grow on this binary options system. Another fact is that, the amount of success rate will matter a lot – since Millionaire blueprint has a higher success rate than most other systems, the chances of winning here are greater than losing.

  • FREE sign Up: Yes, the signing up part is for free – all you need is a unique email address. However make sure that you have cleared your cookies and cache before signing up and not used the same email address on any other broker’s website. After this you will be taken to login and deposit on the broker’s website.
  • Trade & Profit: Once you have successfully registered on the broker’s website, your trading account will be opened. The binary robot will then provide you free trading signals and trade on your behalf. This is also when you will see the profits.
  • Withdrawal: After a few successful trades have been made, you will be able to see your investments grow. You can then withdraw your funds into your bank account by a system that is supported by the broker’s platform.

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Review Verdict: Millionaire Blueprint is NOT a Scam

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Special Features

In order to really make a difference in this fiercely competitive binary robots market the robot needs to provide us with something different and unique. After our research we found that Millionaire Blueprint does provide us with unique features such as fully automated systems and better overall control on the kind of assets and expiry times which normally other robots of its kind won’t let you have, which are really helpful to trade.



  • Full Control Over Features
  • Performance Proven Robot
  • Does All the Market Research
  • Compatible with Regulated Brokers



  • Internet Connection is Required for Access
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