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With so many binary options signals services on the market today, it can be hard to find the one that actually works. Recently, we came across a signals service called Harrison and Woods Analytics. HW Binary Signals is the work of a professional investor who has spent more than 15 years in the financial trading field.

Because of his vast experience and extensive knowledge, he was confident that he would be able to give something to traders that will help them find success in the industry. With one goal in mind, he created the HW Binary Signals software that he claims is highly profitable. According to him, even novice traders will be able to become experts in the field by following his directions and using his software.


Review Verdict: HW Signals is NOT a Scam

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Is Harrison & Woods Signals a Scam?

HW Signals service is not a scam and we have many reasons to support our claim. One of the first reasons is that there are many positive reviews on the internet. These show that real traders are having an amazing experience with the software. They have been able to increase their profitability as a result of using the signals that are generated by Harrison & Woods. The broker that is associated with HW Signals is reliable and trustworthy. If the signals service was not legit, it would not suggest regulated brokers. The results of the software have also been proven. It delivers 77% success rate which means that it highly capable of winning substantial profits within a short time frame.

Trading Tools & Features

Traders can get free access to HW Signals after they register with a designated broker. The brokers recommended by the software are highly reliable which offers a great deal of security and safety to traders. There are no taxes, fees or hidden charges. You can get instant access after completing the sign up process. The software comes with an autopilot feature and a manual feature. So you can allow the software to trade on your behalf or you can place manual trades.

Another useful feature is the 24/7 online support. This is to help traders who are facing difficulties during the trading process. The support team is efficient and fast in responding to questions and queries so you know they have your back during difficult times.

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How Much Does Harrison and Woods Signals Cost?

If you want to use the Harrison & Wood software, all you have to do is complete the sign up process. Access will be granted instantly without you having to pay anything for it. They will never ask you to make any payments for using the HW Signals service because the creator wants you to make profits without risking your money. However, there is just a simple requirement that you must meet and that is registering with a broker that is assigned by the software. Once you add money to your trading account, you will begin receiving trading signals for free.

HW Analytics Signals Trading Performance

The HW Binary Signals service works in a completely different way. It does use codes to generate signals automatically. In fact, there is a team of analysts that work 24/7 to generate signals. The analysts do the research and provide the signals which are up to 77% accurate.

HW signals

Review Verdict: HW Signals is NOT a Scam

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They analyse the financial markets, study historical data and compare them with the current market conditions to come up with right predictions. The signals that they generate are sent instantly to traders via email. After that it is up to the traders how they want to use the signals. They can place manual trades or to maximize their profits they can allow the signals generator to place automated trades.

Final Verdict


  • Approved Binary Options Software
  • Compatible with Regulated Brokers
  • No Previous Knowledge Required
  • No Commission Fees
  • Friendly & Interactive Services


  • Support Only in English
  • Must Have a PC, Smartphone or Tablet
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