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Binary options trading can at times be risky. This is because there are several automated systems that have been designed to lure traders and trick them into losing money. But, the good thing is that there are some systems out there which actually work.


Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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But it is up to traders to look for them and use them to their advantage. One of the newest systems on the market is FinTech Ltd which has been developed by Daniel Roberts. The software has been recently launched and therefore there are many questions surrounding it regarding its legitimacy. To help you understand more about FinTech Ltd, our team has conducted a comprehensive research and compiled an honest review. After reading our review, you will be able to know whether FinTech Ltd is the right option for you or not.

Is FinTech a Legit Binary Options Trading Software?

When we take a look at FinTech Ltd, we can say that the system is legit. One of the reasons why it is not a scam is that the creator is not making any unnecessary or unrealistic claims to attract new customers.

He doesn’t use any kind of scare tactic to make traders sign up for the system. The brokers that are synchronized with FinTech are reputable so whenever you invest with them, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands. On top of that, the reviews and feedback from real traders go on to say a lot about the system. The reviews are positive and traders are happy to use FinTech Ltd as part of their trading strategy.


Is FinTech Ltd. FREE?

If you are looking to sign up for FinTech, you can do so without paying any money. There are no costs involved and you can use the software for as long as you want after completing the registration process. However, the registration process also requires that you make a deposit with a broker that is assigned to you. The money that you add to your account will be used by you for making trades only.

Is FinTech Profitable or Not?

The FinTech Ltd identifies profitable trading opportunities in the market. It offers you a large range of assets that you can choose to trade. The process of trading is simple using this software. You just have to give directions to the software and it will do all the tasks. Trades are placed automatically with this one click auto trading solution.

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FinTech Ltd carries out the tasks of market analysis, research, predictions and execution of trades. It runs on an advanced programming algorithm that processes enormous amounts of data quickly making your trading tasks easy and convenient. The signals are highly accurate and reliable and you can easily make $875 per hour using this system.


Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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Unique Features of FinTech Software

There are a number of features that make this software really special. These features give traders more opportunities to build their strategies and get more control over trading. The automated/manual trading feature is not unique, but it allows traders to choose the method of trading they are comfortable with. The next feature that is worth mentioning is the risk level control feature. Depending on your confidence level, you can choose a higher or a lower risk when trading.

Reverse trading is another great feature of FinTech Ltd. By using this amazing feature, you can place trades which are opposite to the direction of the trades in which signals are generated. This feature is extremely useful for advanced traders who are able to tell whether the signals that are generated by the system will be good or not.

Final Conclusion


  • High Success Ratio
  • Set Limit to Daily Losses
  • One Click Automated Trading
  • Completely Web Based



  • Basic Knowledge is Required to Set Parameters
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