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Note: Copy Buffet is now closed and does not accept traders. In case you want to trade binary options with another automated system – we highly recommend FinTech Ltd. 

Copy Buffett is a trading system, one of those which are filling in the market of binary options nowadays. It was created by Jeremy Finn, and he claims that he has been influenced greatly by Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of our time. So, the software is not connected with Warren Buffett directly, but his name makes believe, that this software is a good one.
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Review Verdict: Copy Buffett is NOT a Scam

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Copy Buffett Review

Copy Buffett is an auto-trader, that offers a free trial period. This is definitely a new feature, that allows checking the trading system before paying for it. Moreover, Copy Buffett offers a very high winning rate, which also distinguishes it from other similar service providers.  Its website is very efficiently developed, it can be used even by a beginner, while the information offered can satisfy even the most experienced and critical trader. The, doesn’t matter, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you can try this system. Remember, that you can use it for free during 30 days, so, why not to take a chance?

Is Copy Buffett System A Scam?

Many beginners believe that Copy Buffett is a scam, though a reason for this is really strange. Copy Buffett is a new software, but it became popular extremely fast.copy buffett safe

So, do you believe this reason is enough to tell, that Copy Buffett is a scam? Of course, not. This fact rather indicates, that Copy Buffett is a reliable trading system, that allows to earn. Then, Copy Buffett allows you to use its services for free for 30 days. After that, if you are happy with results, you have to pay. But you , that not all trading systems give such a chance. One more indicator, that Copy Buffett is a reliable system? Definitely!

Review Verdict: Copy Buffett is NOT a Scam

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Minimum Deposit at Copy Buffett

Copy Buffett offers you its services for absolutely free – during 30 days of trial period. Then, if you like it, you can pay for its services. Have you met trading systems that offer their services for free? We haven’t for now. But for us, it means, that Copy Buffett is a reliable system, and its creators are sure, that you will earn with it.

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How Does Copy Buffett Work?

Copy Buffett is an auto trading service. It means, that you attach it to your trading account, and it starts trading for you as soon, as the right opportunity comes. Its decisions are based on very exact trading signals, and no emotions are involved. According to feedback, Copy Buffett is one of the best auto trading systems that a trader can use.

If you decided to start your trading experience, or to continue your trading career, with Copy Buffett, then just check their website. There, you shall follow instructions on how to attach Copy Buffett to your trading account, and how to set the trading system up. Please note that in order to be able to start, you need to have at least 250 USD in your trading account.



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