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centument-software It has been several months since the launch of Centument LTD which is an online binary options trading app. This system has been created by Gerald Reed.

When it was introduced to the market, it generated a lot of attention. Even today, there is a lot of buzz surrounding this binary robot. Gerald Reed happens to be a professional trader and in addition to a desktop version of the trading robot, he has also designed a mobile application that can be downloaded and used on smartphones and tablets.

Over the past couple of months, a large number of traders have signed up for Centument and many more are eager to join as soon as possible. But the question that still remains is that “Is the Centument software scam or is it legit?

In our review, we aim to reveal the facts about Centument. So continue reading till the end and learn more about this software.

How To Use Centument?

The Centument allows its users to trade in a completely risk free manner. It is not like the scam systems that promise to give traders high profits. It givesinvestors an environment where they can trade automatically and they will still have full control over the trading process.

Investors who have some experience in trading or those who have been scammed multiple times know how important it is to get access to a system that is truly genuine and can really help maximize gains.


The binary options trading world hardly has any systems that can guarantee decent earnings. This is what makes the Centument so rare. It is an opportunity that must not be missed. Making use of the robot is simple because it is completely automated and it employs techniques which can generate profits on behalf of its users.

The Centument has been developed very professionally. It is accessible to both experienced traders and newcomers.

No Download Necessary

There is no need for any kind of download because it is a browser based system. This means that traders can access it with their login details. The ability of traders to make trades will not be limited to one computer only because a web based system can be accessed from any device or computer and from anywhere in the world.

How To Get Started?

Traders are required to add a monetary amount to their broker trading account when they sign up. The amount is about $250 and it is added to make investments only. Keep in mind that the amount is not a payment for the software or the services offered by Centument.

The process of signing up however is very simple and it is as follows.

  1. Register for Free

  2. Make a Deposit

  3. Trade & Earn Profits


Expected Returns

The Centument LTD is a full automated system and it has the capability of generating returns on investment. On average, its success ratio can reach between 70 and 80%.

But, the profitability depends on a variety of factors. Mostly, the ability of traders also matters as well as the kind of trading choices they make. Additionally, the quality of the signals and how efficient the trading robot is plays an important role in its performance as well.


What is The Cost of Centument LTD?

We have already mentioned it that the robot is free. Gerald Reed is offering his profit making solution without charging its users anything which is a good sign about the authenticity and genuineness of the system.

Is Centument Worth Trying or Scam?

As far as any financial risks are concerned, traders can feel at ease because the Centument is a legit system. We recommend it wholeheartedly because we have seen how profitable it really is.

The Centument is a binary options system that can optimize trading results. But, when it comes to using it, we suggest that traders start with minimum investments. It is crucial for its users to understand its working mechanism and how efficient it is. Building trust is equally important because with so many lousy scams on the market today, traders are reluctant to try any software that comes out of nowhere.

Review Verdict: Centument Limited is Not a Scam

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Our opinion about this robot is that it is legit. Traders’ feedback and testimonials also support our claim. It is definitely worth the time and attention that traders are willing to put into a genuine and reliable auto trading software.

Interesting Fact:

Gerald Reed is a known personality. To start Centument Ltd, he quit his career on Wall Street and today there are more than 200 employees working under him.

Special Features

The unique and sophisticated algorithms of the robot make it an outstanding software. It gives the software the ability to generate high quality and accurate signals that can be used for profit making.

Its compatibility with reliable brokers and its efficiency are other things that make it one of the best on the market today.

Customer Service

We have reviewed many auto traders, but there are just a few that offer customer support service. The customer support at Centument LTD is excellent. This shows that they truly care about the needs of their clients. Traders can reach their representatives via email and phone any time of the day.


daniela“I have never come across a system that is as reliable as the Centument Ltd. It works like magic because I am not required to do much and at the end of the day when I check my profits, I feel very happy. The earnings are steady and I am now confident that even if a quit my job, it will still give me a decent income to run my household. I think everyone should give Centument Ltd a try.”

Daniela, 39

Final Thoughts

Good_choice_stamp_BMINDEPOur conclusion about Centument is that it is a reliable system with a whole range of amazing benefits for its users. It is far from those scams that have been flooding the market recently. Traders who are looking for a genuine auto trader should give it a try because it is free and there is nothing to lose.

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