robotIn case you are into binary options trading and you are a beginner, not 100% sure in your trading skills, you are going to need help in picking the right binary option robot. Today, a large number of binary options trading software are available and that has made it difficult for us to choose the right one.

We have tried more than 60 robots and selected the top ones that integrate with reliable binary option brokers. At our focus is to cover all aspects of binary trading so we have launched this robots minimum deposit section.

The market flooded with different auto trading apps and you have to be careful before you invest real money. If you are new and you don’t have much experience, to save your time and money, we recommend using the 100% tested and Safe robots listed below:

RobotWinning RatioMin DepositOpen Account
85%$200visit broker site
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90%$250visit broker site
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Free & Paid Versions of Binary Options Software

Among the many options, the binary options trading systems are available in paid and free versions. Usually, the software is available for free download and you have to pay the amount of the initial deposit only. Some software have their paid version too. These are the ones that come with premium features which can make trading even more exciting and profitable.

Common Features

Wide Variety of Assets

You will have a wide variety of assets to choose from whether it is indices, commodities, forex, and more. It is up to you what you choose. It is recommended to diversify the portfolio and invest in 2 to 3 different assets.

  • Trading Signals

The trading systems provide trading signals which are automatically generated by the system using different formulas. These signals let you make the trading decision without wasting much time. You don’t really have to spend your time in analyzing the charts or keeping track of the market movements or at least you can compare your estimations with a recommended robot that has proven to achieve high success rates.

  • Average Winning Ratio

Each system has its own average winning ratio. Usually, it lies between 70 to 80%. This lets you know how much profits you will be making eventually.


  • Bonus

Every trading system has its own bonus amount allocated. Welcome bonus is provided and there are bonuses on choosing a specific account type. It varies from one system to another.

  • Mobile App

Most of the binary options trading systems today have the mobile app version that let you trade through your smartphone even when you are on the go.

  • Automated Trading

Some of the trading systems feature 100% automated trading that means the robot will be responsible for trading on the behalf of the user.

How Do Binary Options Systems Work?

Each system works on a basic formula. If it is an automated system, it will use the trading signals generated by the software to make a Call or Put option and make the most out of the current opportunities. This works best for those individuals who have limited knowledge about trading but they still want to try their luck and use it as a side business for making money. Manual trading is also facilitated in which you just have to predict the price of the asset by studying the market. If you have the right prediction, you will make profit.