2015-03-12_1003_001With each forex trader, there is a forex minimum deposit facility provided just for attracting new traders. There are many people out there who wish they could trade but they don’t have enough capital to invest in forex trading. For all such people the minimum deposit facility is a blessing.

They can get started with very less deposit and still enjoy equal chances of making money. Minimum deposit is a sensitive thing related to forex trading. With these minimum deposits, you can expect to get started with trading with just $100 too.

BrokerMin DepositBonusPayoutOpen Account
$250Up to 100%90%visit broker site
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$10Up to 100%80%visit broker site
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$250100%90%visit broker site
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24option broker $250100%88%visit broker site
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stockpair broker $25085%visit broker site
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How much is Forex Minimum Deposit?

 The forex minimum deposit varies from one trader to another. There are many traders who don’t realize the purpose of minimum deposit. Some consider it too good to be true but this is actually happening. You don’t have to invest a decent amount of money to earn more and more profits.

Even with just $100 minimum deposit, you can expect to earn thousands of dollars a month.

 For the novice investors, it is quite reasonable to start trading with $100 instead of $1000. For these inexperienced traders, demo accounts are provided so that they can learn how to trade and how to earn profit from even $100. If there is any lessons or tutorials in particular broker’s web site it is a very good idea to take a look at them. You will always learn something useful.

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If you are not able to make 10% profit on $100 then at least you must do enough trade that covers the initial deposit you paid for starting the trade in the first place. Some brokers offer traders to start with $100 minimum deposit while others even allow $250.

Each broker will offer a different rate for the initial minimum deposit but it is best if you compare the amounts with the trading benefits being provided so that you can secure your trade with benefits. There are some brokers that can let you trade with $50 also.

 It is important that you know this that the lower trading capital you choose, the more you are going to be at risk. Whenever you are trading with money, you must always make use of a higher leverage. A higher leverage means you will have solid earnings with tiny investments.

But there is always a chance to bear more loss with low investments. So while choosing the minimum deposit, keep the leverage in mind.

Forex Brokers with Minimum Deposit

There are many forex brokers available who are offering minimum deposit. Here is the list of forex brokers you can work with:

AvaTrade Minimum Deposit

A famous forex broker, AvaTrade known by the name AvaFx is one of the award winning forex binary brokers providing trading opportunities to individuals living in different parts of the world. The minimum deposit required for starting trade is just $100. The new traders are provided with 100% bonus. The online trading facilities provided by AvaTrade have been attractive for many traders. Leverage of 400:1 is provided.

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Markets.com  Minimum Deposit

2015-03-12_1005Markets.com is a CySec regulated forex broker. The minimum deposit required for starting the trade is just $100. The traders are provided with the leverage of 200:1. Eight unique trading platforms are offered to the traders. The traders are free to choose between dynamic or fixed spreads. All kinds of trading facilities are available to help both newbie and professional traders in making high profits.

Before choosing to work with any forex broker, it is not just essential to check its minimum deposit, but it is also important to make comparison of the facilities, payout ratios, leverage, risk and return on the money you are investing in the initial deposit. Do not fall for $50 initial deposit right away, first of all analyze the options and then choose the right broker.

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