Neo 2, also known as Neo Squared is a binary options trading software that has been introduced to the market by Dr. Jack Piers and his partners. It is an automated tool that can assist traders with the trading process.

Recently, we conducted an investigation to find out whether it is a legitimate option or not. Our findings reveal that Neo 2 is a dubious software. We have summarized our findings in this in-depth review.

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What Is Neo2?

The software works by analyzing the effects of weather and other environmental factors on the price of assets, especially commodities. The app is able to anticipate the changes in weather and how it can affect commodities like gas and oil. When someone makes use of the Neo2 software, they will receive signals that take into consideration environmental factors as well.

Traders don’t need to have any kind of skills or experience to use the software. In fact, we have heard that traders can turn their investment of $250 into $4000 profits every week. But our investigation proves that this is not true. There is no way traders can earn that kind of profits with this software. Our view about Neo2 is that it is a scam software which works by drawing the attention of unsuspecting clients only.


Traders who are new to binary options may easily fall victim of scam. One of the main reasons why we say that Neo Squared is a bogus software is that it is not possible for this auto trading robot to guarantee 85% results or earnings of $4000 every single week.

We have reviewed the best of the best auto traders and haven’t found any that can guarantee these kinds of results. The features of the software are also unreliable and our experience with it tells us that it is far from achieving success rate of 85%.

How To Get Started?

Based on our results, we can confirm that Neo2 is not a genuine software. However, we would like to present information about its sign up process.

When it comes to signing up with the Neo2 software, the process is simple. Here’s what traders are required to do.

  • Sign up
  • Make a deposit
  • Trade

If traders choose to make use of this software, they will be deprived of the best trading opportunities that are presented to them by the financial markets. Traders are required to add $250 to their accounts for investment purpose, but the thing that causes worry is the fact that the brokers you open a trading account with are also unreliable and untrustworthy.

We have seen better performing auto trading robots on the market and we advise investors to look for and sign up with systems that are proven to work.

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How Does Neo2 Work?

Is this auto trader really capable of taking into account environmental factors and translating them into trading signals? We highly doubt this. We don’t think Neo2 has the features to monitor the effects of the environment on commodities and generate real trading signals based on the results.

The algorithms and codes on which the software works have not been explained at any point. Even the promotional video does not contain enough information about how Neo Squared actually works.

Is Neo 2 Scam or Legit?

We have been told that the Neo2 software is the creation of 4 professionals. These include Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gupta and William Van Loon. But when we performed a search on these professionals, we did not find any valid results.

There are no social media profiles under their names and what’s more shocking is that there is no information about their company which they named Neo2. The information on the colleges they attended, the degree they hold and the work they do is fake.

If the software was really legit, we would have come across proof of their claims. But, now it appears that the so-called creators are just making empty promises. There is nothing genuine about this system.


Another important thing that we noticed is that there are no proof of results that traders are achieving 85% success rate or even reaching anywhere near that. A powerful system will have numerous positive reviews. It will have comments and feedback from genuine traders. About Neo2, all we came across was complaints and negative reviews.

What all this implies is that Neo Squared is a bogus software. It is not one that you can rely on. Therefore, we advise our readers to stay away from it.

Final Thoughts

Based on the research that we carried out on this software, we can confirm that it is not a legit solution for generating profits on investments. It is definitely not the software that will make the trading process easy and convenient for you.

In fact, it is one which will deprive you of your hard earned money. Since it works with shady brokers, you will end up losing all your invested funds very quickly.

In our experience, there are better alternatives available on the market. Although they will not help you generate $4000 profits every week, they will certainly help you earn a decent side income from the comfort of your home.


cautionWe have independently tested the services offered by NEO2 Software. As experts we can conclude that NEO2 Software has achieved low results and its accuracy is not high enough to be fully trusted. We recommend you to choose another binary options service that can offer you new and better tools and can help you achieve better results.

If you want to be sure about the safety of your investments Proceed to Safety OR Choose a Trustworthy Binary Option Broker.

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