Google Trader is a binary robot used as an automated tool for trading signals. But does Google Trader really work or it is a Scam?

We were not able to gather enough information with Google Trader so we cannot confirm that its safety is guaranteed. The information our team found was not enough to make final conclusions. We recommend you to choose other robot that can offer you new and better tools and to help you achieve better results.

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What Is Google Trader?

Google Trader is proprietary software, developed and owned by Ben Williams. There is very little known about him – only what he has claimed, including that he is a binary options trader with a lot of experience.

The fact that its name is so close to the tech giant Google is not a mere coincidence. According to Mr. Williams, the GTrader utilizes conceptually the same algorithms applied by the search engine in order to carry out its operations. And that is why he named his software like that. But the most important question is whether this concept is reliable enough so that GoogleTrader can benefit investors from around the globe. We thoroughly investigated into the trading robot to give an unbiased and detailed answer to it.


Google Trader is claimed to achieve 96,4% accuracy when carrying out market analyses and placing investments on autopilot. For this is its purpose – independent and profitable automated trading experience. But our investigation could not help us confirm that. Actually, Google Trader has been experiencing some serious difficulties carrying out its tasks and losing some significant amounts of funds.

How Does the Gtrader Software Work?

This trading system is said to apply the latest technology in the field, in order to make predictions with high accuracy for the benefit of the investors. There is no additional information provided to explain how is Google Trader going to achieve the promised results.

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The promotional of the GTrader system set high expectations with its promotion. Investors hoped of generating up to $1,800 per day. This is a very good goal, as long as it is achievable. Actual results show that despite the buzz around the software, Google Trader failed to deliver on its claims and many people were left disappointed by the significant losses it generated.

Our experience has taught us that in these cases we usually have a simple software, that places trades at random. We cannot claim with 100% that this is the fact about the Google Trader binary robot but it sure does not incite trust. It is advisable that you consider a better alternative to it, like for example the proven to work FinTech Ltd. trading system.

Is Google Trader Scam or Safe?

If you have been on the lookout for a trustworthy software for automated binary options investments, that comes with steady and significant results, Google Trader is not the best choice. There is a high possibility that GoogleTrader is a scam.

If you look online, like we did, you will notice that there is a significant amount of negative feedback on the GTrader software. Many traders have complained about troubles with withdrawals and blocked funds. This is another reason to doubt the authenticity of Google Trader and consider it a scam.


Final Thoughts

Because of the reasons listed above, Google Trader should have provided investors with something unique and extraordinary to give them an advantage and to stimulate them to sign up with it. In reality, the trading system has no special features or other characteristics that can turn out to be beneficial for the online trader. This adds to the list of drawbacks it has.

Our overall impression of the Google Trader software is not very good. It has nothing special to offer and has failed on multiple occasions to deliver on the promises Mr. Williams made when releasing the system. It truly is free, but has a low success rate, gives too many empty promises and has disappointed a lot of people. We advise you to proceed with caution.


cautionWe have independently tested the services offered by Google Trader. As experts we can conclude that Google Trader has achieved low results and its accuracy is not high enough to be fully trusted. We recommend you to choose another binary options service that can offer you new and better tools and can help you achieve better results.

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