tradingBinary options trading has been growing in popularity ever since it was introduced on the financial market. The simplicity of binary options and the fact that they require a much lower initial investment in comparison to the traditional financial trading methods keeps attracting many new traders from all walks of life.

Binary options are traded via online platforms that provide assets from the four major asset classes of stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices. By placing only a few dollars on a trade, investors can get as much as 80% and more return on their investment. Additionally the fact that binary options are traded online and most platforms are also available for mobile devices makes them widely accessible and doesn’t require full time commitment.

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Types of Binary Option Trading Systems

Due to the large number of traders binary options attract, brokers and platform providers have been improving and diversifying the tools and features available for traders. Not only do binary platforms now offer many more trading, analytical and educational tools, but entirely new types of trading systems have been developed in order to make the trading process more efficient, to minimize risks and to attract new traders. You will see them also as binary options robots, automated systems, binary options software.

Traditional Binary Option Trading Platforms

The most widespread systems for trading binary options offer the standard Call/Put options, which are the most common way to trade. Most of them provide a variety of expiry times to choose from ranging from Short Term like 60 seconds to Long Term like daily, weekly and monthly. The best binary option trading platforms also have various other trading tools like One Touch, Range and Ladder options, which allow for applying diverse strategies and maximizing profits.

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Binary Option Auto-trading Systems

Also called binary robots, these systems make the whole trading process automatic. The software generates trading signals and based on them places trades automatically. The better binary options robots allow traders to set a wide range of customizable preferences according to which the trades will be executed. Many robots also have a manual mode of trading in case you prefer to place trades individually.

However, the main advantages of the auto-trading system is the time-saving and efficient process, which also minimizes the risks associated with the so called “emotional” trading. This helps traders avoid rash and emotional decisions and therefore this type of system is very suitable for new or hesitant traders. However, seasoned traders can also benefit form binary robots because the automated execution of trades enables them to reach a much higher trading volume than would be possible with manual trading.

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Social Trading Networks

This type of binary option trading system is rapidly gaining more and more followers. The social trading networks combine the best features of a trading platform and a social network. When traders join they can follow other traders and copy their trades. This not only minimizes the risks of losing large sums of money but also gives traders the opportunity to share their experiences, learn from each other and exchange strategies and market observations.

How to Choose a Binary Option Trading System

With the variety of binary options trading systems available on the market many traders are not sure what type of platform to choose. Therefore it is advisable first of all to do some research and find out exactly what is offered.

It is also a good idea to read other traders’ feedback regarding the platform you are considering to sign up for. This way you will see what your fellow traders have to say about it and that will also help you avoid scam. The most important thing however is to find a type of trading system that you will be comfortable using. If you trade with ease and without hesitation you will have far better chances to achieve the trading goals you have set for yourself.