Binary Assassin Review

Binary Assassin is pretty much similar to many binary option robots, offering the same type of trading experience. However many traders are questioning if Binary Assassin is legitimate or it’s a scam robot?

The results of our investigation and the low rank in Google Trends (see the graph below) confirmed some of the negative comments about Binary Assassin found online.

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Binary Assassin Review

Binary Assassin is a binary options trading robot, which promises its traders to deliver high returns in a very short time. The main problem with Binary Assassin is that it’s only compatible with one broker site, Binary Book. It would be better if the software is compatible with different brokers presented worldwide and a trader to be able to choose.

The Binary Assassin provides traders with automated software and examines 11 indicators on the financial market. It takes a couple of clicks to complete the installation, which is self-instructive. You can download it for free, but it is necessary to verify if it can be used without any other constraints or stipulations.


Binary Assassin can provide less than 80% return on investment – we suggest you look for service that can allow you to earn more on a trade. There are no commissions or additional fees, it gives you 24 hours access to the program, but its quality rating is 72.5%, which is regarded very poor in comparison to other binary options trading services. Our trading team could not achieve the profit targets that it usually meet and exceed with the top brokers.

The minimum deposit is comparatively high when compared to different robots. Keep in mind that if you take the deposit bonus, then you would have to trade the bonus amount 30 times before withdrawing it. If you deposit a minimum amount of $500, you will get a bonus of another $500. You must have to invest in total of $15,000 before withdrawing it back to your credit card. If you are not sure about using the Binary Assassin or not sure about its reliability, then we advise you to avoid it or to choose another approved system.

Binary Assassin Trading Robot

You can fix the software to trade with some pre-ordained amount, or cannot fix the sum of a definite  ratio of your balance, which you want it to use in every trade. Trading with Binary Assassin is automatic, which means you do not have to accept every trade, but it does it for you. This has both advantages and disadvantages. If the software makes trades that are not beneficial, you could lose your investments very fast.

Binary Assassin Scam

We cannot confirm whether Binary Assassin is a scam or not. You are definitely not going to earn the sums, which they are promoting. The website of Binary Assassin does not provide any significant information to traders. At the top of the page there is a video promising you to make millions dollars within 12 months. Since that amount of money sounds highly unlikely we advise you to use caution. Due to fake testimonials, we cannot recommend this software. If you actually want to earn money with binary option software, then we suggest you to try some different binary options robot.

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Binary Assassin Results

Binary Assassin claims that you will be able to gain huge profits if you take the proper action at the proper time. The Binary Assassin Software guides you how much and for how long time to trade and how to set it on an autopilot. It promises 91% accuracy which is next to impossible. There are various people who still consider that trading in binary market is unsafe and that they would waste a large amount of money, but this is not the only thing to get concerned about. The software and its quality are the things any trader should find out when selecting any tool for successful trading.


cautionWe have independently tested the services offered by Binary Assassin. As experts we can conclude that Binary Assassin has achieved low results and its accuracy is not high enough to be fully trusted. We recommend you to choose another binary options service that can offer you new and better tools and can help you achieve better results.

If you want to be sure about the safety of your investments Proceed to Safety OR Choose a Trustworthy Binary Option Broker.

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